Small Classes, Big Improvements

Small Classes, Big Improvements

Students travelling to Orange County and other parts of the United States are lucky that, in most cases, average classroom size is relatively low. With a typical ESL classroom coming in at between ten and fifteen students, a more personalized education compared to a standard American classroom can be given. However, at Optimus Language School, class sizes are even smaller, and we think this translates into an advantage that no other language school can easily offer their students.

Small student to teacher ratio is an integral part of the OLS philosophy. With four to one and eight to one ratio classes, we are able to offer consistent and frequent correction in all aspects of the English language. Reading and writing can be simple enough to teach to a multitude of students at once, but speaking and listening skills require a more customized and personal approach to be taught effectively. These two basic language skills combined make conversation, and our small student to teacher ratio here at OLS is designed specifically to afford conversation opportunities to all of our students every day. While ten to fifteen students in a single ESL classroom may be far less than you might see in a typical language school or college classroom in America, a classroom of this size still allows students to go unnoticed. Without practicing conversation on a daily basis, improvement is simply impossible. Our small ratio classes ensure not only that every student gets the language practice they need, but also that our teachers have ample time to go into detail with their corrections.

The average ESL classroom has class sizes smaller than the average American classroom, but at OLS, we take the learning experience even further. Our small ratio classrooms offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity to develop speaking and listening skills by affording our teachers enough time to interact with every student, every day. Call, click, or come in today, and ask how we can offer you far more than a typical ESL learning experience!


Published on February 21, 2017

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