Brea: Home of OLS and So Much More!

Brea: Home of OLS and So Much More!

Choosing where you would like to study in the United States can be a complicated process. Known as the melting pot, the United States prides itself on being a place where people from all over the world can come together and share unique aspects of their culture. Coming to California is a popular choice for many travelling students, and a city as famous as Los Angeles makes the southern California area all the more appealing to students wanting to experience real American culture. Our location in Brea, a suburb to Los Angeles, is a location we feel to be perfect for any student wanting to experience the many different cultural influences that southern California has to offer.

Located in Orange County, Brea is a well-developed, clean, and friendly city. Established one hundred years ago due to the large oil deposits beneath the city, Brea has grown a great deal not only culturally but as a city as well over the past years. A great alternative for those that want to experience what makes southern California great without having to deal with the infamous crowds and traffic that are common to the area, Brea provides a comfortable place to live and study. Located only forty five minutes away from LA, and twenty minutes from several beach cities, staying in Brea means that you can easily spend the day visiting some of the most iconic locations in southern California, and still be back home in time for dinner.

Located walking distance from a mall, a movie theater, and countless restaurants, Optimus Language School itself is in a perfect location for our students to enjoy American culture on a daily basis. The neighboring city of Fullerton is home to one of the most popular universities in southern California, as well as a vibrant nightlife that can be found in the Downtown Fullerton area. Experience the beautiful weather California is known for with a hike in nearby Carbon Canyon, or look up one of the many parks in Brea and take the whole family!

Brea is truly a place that has something for everyone. A safe and clean city, Brea is the perfect place for travelling students to come and study the English language. Located a short drive away from some of the most famous spots in southern California, Brea gives access to Los Angeles and many of southern California’s most beautiful beaches, without forcing you to live in over populated areas. We look forward to sharing our beautiful city and its culture with you! 


Published on February 28, 2017

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