The OLS Standard

The OLS Standard

Teachers are, of course, one of the most integral parts of any learning facility. In many settings, a teaching credential is required in the US to prove that you can meet the standards to work in the education community, but this is not the case with private learning facilities. This includes language schools. While virtually all schools have certain standards to qualify for teaching, students travelling to the Orange County area should be particularly cautious when selecting a language school.

At Optimus Language School, we pride ourselves on the high standards we set when selecting our teachers. In an effort to ensure the utmost quality, rigorous interviews are conducted personally by our director. Our teachers are made up of English majors with a focus on ESL teaching practices and the like, and the goal of the interview is to determine if the applicant can put those skills to use in a way that will help to set OLS apart from other language schools. After hiring, consistent evaluation ensures that all of our teachers remain at the top of their craft constantly. By employing a select few of our best teachers at a full time capacity, we gain the ability to conduct performance reviews in a way that few other language schools have the time or resources for. Our teacher evaluations are comprised of a total of thirty items that we have deemed the most important qualities for a successful classroom, and every teacher is evaluated by their full time peers once per quarter with these various points as an outline for their success.

While a teaching credential is often the standard for teaching competency in the public school system, private learning facility standards are not always set as high. However, at Optimus Language School, our interview methods ensure that only the best of the best are added to our faculty. Furthermore, our quarterly thirty point observations motivate our teachers to remain at the top of their game. No student travels across the globe to be taught by average teachers. Come to OLS, and see how our high standards translate into a one-of-a-kind learning experience.


Published on March 6, 2017

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