Finding Strength in Diversity

Finding Strength in Diversity

America is known as a great melting pot because it represents virtually all world cultures in some way. Travelling from all corners of the globe and every place in between, students coming to the Orange County, California area to learn English at OLS can be sure that they will have a chance to interact not only with Americans, but with their fellow students coming from all different countries all over the world as well. We find strength in our diverse student body here at Optimus Language School.

At Optimus, our methodology is rooted deeply in language immersion. This is the ideal that only the language that our students are trying to learn should be used to teach that language. To put it simply, while on the OLS campus, students are held to a strict standard that they will only use the English language while interacting with the staff and their fellow students alike. This is practiced in every OLS classroom, of course, but this rule extends to break time and between classes as well. Our students not only learn English by using it, but they get to know each other using English as well. This affords all of our language students a challenging but rewarding opportunity to interact with their teachers and peers in a meaningful and practical way every day while also using the English language. What’s more, every student gains a common language with which to communicate when only English is allowed.

Combining our language immersion methodology with small ratio classrooms gives even more of an advantage to our students. With four to one or eight to one classes available at Optimus Language School, our average class size is much smaller than that of other language learning facilities. These two elements combined mean that our students have a chance to interact closely with all different types of students from all over the world using the English language as a common communication tool. If students were allowed to use their native languages, there is a very high likelihood that they would only spend time with other students who share their native language. Without the opportunity to get to know students of different nationalities, it would be no different for a student to simply stay in their home country to learn the English language. At Optimus, we believe a better cultural understanding on a global level is what travelling students are looking for. Adopting the exclusive use of English across the entire learning facility means that all students of all different nationalities will learn and spend time together.

Language immersion along with small ratio classrooms translates into what we have found to be the most effective and rewarding learning environment for our ESL students. The challenge of language immersion is undeniable at first, but the rewards once our students persevere and begin using the English language effectively far out weight those hardships. Deciding that OLS is the right fit for you is not just a choice to learn the English language, it is a choice to understand it along with all different travelling students from all over the world!


Published on March 13, 2017

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