Guarantee Program

Guarantee Program

OLS provides a Guarantee Program for all students who sign up to take classes for one year. Our Guarantee Program allows students to take an oral assessment test called the OPIc when they first begin taking classes. At the beginning of the quarter they take this test and again at the end of the quarter to check their progress. The value of the two tests is a total of $140, but we give them for free. The Guarantee Program states that if students do not meet the required standard that is set, then they will be GUARANTEED 3 months of additional instruction for free.

The OPIc assessment is available for students to take anywhere in the world. It is a reliable testing method that measures how well a person speaks a language. The OPIc grading scale is determined by the assessment criteria that are set by OPIc officials. While OPIc scores are not compared to other test takers, they are graded and checked on your own ability to understand and speak the language.

We offer this great program to make sure that our students understand and have a better comprehension of the English language. Teaching students the proper way to speak and communicate is our priority and that is why we will guarantee 3 months of additional class for free if the student has not met the criteria after one year. It is our job to make sure the student has properly learned and is going to be successful.

In the Guarantee Program we also include free e-Learning prep courses. Our e-learning prep courses provide 20 different lessons. Each lesson includes 20 words or phrases that vary from vocabulary words, verb phrases, and American idioms. We expect each student to take one lesson each weekday and complete the prep classes in 4 weeks. At the end of each week the students can take a quiz on what they learned that week. The awesome incentive we have to offer is that if a student averages 90% or higher on quizzes, we will offer them free textbooks for their first quarter here at OLS.

OLS teachers are all native speakers of the English language. The benefit of having native speaking teachers is tremendous and they will be able to correct you easily. Students will have first hand access to talk and discuss with teachers in our classrooms. The classroom ratios are usually 4-8 students per class which allows for more discussion and participation from the students. We always encourage students to ask questions and be engaged in the classroom. Come into OLS and enjoy learning English today! Take advantage of our very convenient Guarantee Program available to students willing to learn!


Published on May 11, 2017

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