ESL Classroom Conversation

ESL Classroom Conversation

OLS is a place to learn and conversate for people who are trying to improve their English speaking and listening skills. Our ESL classes provide classroom ratios that benefit the students and their ability to practice conversation among peers and native speaking English teachers. People that are learning to speak English need to practice speaking and need to have people correct them when they make a mistake. OLS knows students seek knowledge in the English language and we are always willing to help them.

ESL classroom ratios can vary depending on the class you decide to sign up for. Classroom ratio options are 8 students 1 teacher (8:1), 4 students 1 teacher (4:1), 2 students 1 teacher (2:1), and 1 student 1 teacher (1:1). None of our classrooms contain more than 8 students because too many students may not allow the teacher to properly teach each student to their full potential and the student will not benefit.

Students that come to OLS want to become better at speaking and understanding English. With that in mind, we incorporate conversation into our classroom teaching. Allowing students to conversate in class gives them more practice and also gives the teacher a chance to hear them speak and make corrections. When a student is corrected they are very appreciative of the opportunity. They appreciate the teacher listening to them and trying to make them better. Our students are awesome and always want to learn.

All of our teachers at OLS are properly certified to teach English as a second language. Teachers go through rigorous teaching classes to make sure they are teaching students correctly and efficiently. We encourage students to come into OLS and talk with our native speaking English teachers so they can learn the proper way to speak English.

"Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect." -Vince Lombardi


Published on May 16, 2017

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