How OLS Can Help Improve OPIc Test Scores

How OLS Can Help Improve OPIc Test Scores

The Oral Proficiency Interview-Computer, or better known as the OPIc, is a test taken to determine how well you can understand and speak the English language. At OLS we provide students with many valuable resources to help them get higher test scores when they decide to take the OPIc.

Resources that we provide for students who want to take the OPIc should be taken advantage of. We offer students the option to discuss and learn about life skills such as everyday tasks like shopping, paying bills, and ordering food. These simple life skills lessons will help you understand and be able to communicate with people while doing everyday tasks. We have weekly student presentations at OLS for individuals and groups who will learn how to speak in front of a small group of people and get over their stage fright. The benefit of speaking and communicating with people in English will go a long way when students sign up to complete the OPIc.

Teachers have weekly homework checkups and daily progress reports to make sure students are getting better. Our students are great learners and with all of the tools provided they will be able to perform better when they take the OPIc.  Another resource that is provided for students is our Book Club and Ted Talks. During book club meetings students will read and discuss a book among peers and then answer vocabulary questions and comprehension questions to make sure the student understood what they read.

Ted Talks are short video lectures given from people all over the world. Students will be able to listen and increase their listening skills, vocabulary, and develop their speaking skills to a higher level. These short videos will be essential to understanding and listening to a person when it comes to the OPIc.

Overall, OLS provides many more programs that can help improve your OPIc scores. We encourage students to ask questions and engage themselves in conversation. The only way for students to improve is if they continue to practice and our native speaking English teachers will help them. Come into OLS and find out what programs will help you on your journey to passing the OPIc.


Published on May 23, 2017

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