Free e-Learning Prep Course

Free e-Learning Prep Course

Students often travel from other countries to America to learn English. OLS offers a free e-Learning Prep Course that can benefit students prior to entering America. The free e-Learning Prep Course is an online course that offers 20 different lessons. Each lesson includes 20 words or phrases that should be practiced and learned before coming to America. We offer this course to students because we want them to get a head start and learn simple words and phrases they might encounter here in America.


This prep course lasts 4 weeks long with one lesson each weekday. Lessons can vary from teaching students vocab, popular American idioms, and verb phrases that will make ESL classes easier to understand. At the end of each week we offer students a quiz to take on the lessons they learned that week. We offer our students a nice incentive for learning and understanding the material they are being taught. Students with an average score of 90% or higher on their quizzes will receive free textbooks for their first quarter here at OLS.

OLS encourages students to practice their English before they come to America. We are always looking for ways to help students succeed and learn. With the e-Learning Prep Course we believe this will benefit the students and help improve their English. Signing up for this prep course will prepare students for their ESL class and make their study time with us more effective. Give us a call, send us an email, or stop into OLS to find out more information about our e-Learning Prep Course.


Published on June 1, 2017

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