Why We Emphasize OPIc?

Why We Emphasize OPIc?
The OPIc test is designed to test the speaking and listening ability of students. Many international students are able to read and write in English but when it comes to speaking in English they have their flaws. We are always emphasizing students to practice speaking English because it is becoming more and more important.

Speaking English is so important because it is a common way to communicate with people all around the world. Having the ability to speak and understand English will increase your communication skills tremendously. It is important to know English because English is the language recognized worldwide. Many people travel and encounter people from other countries and the best way to communicate with them is through the English language. The OPIc test will examine your ability to listen and speak and will inform you if you are a proficient English speaker.

Optimus Language School in Orange County encourages and recommends that students practice their speaking ability with our native speaking teachers. Our native speaking teachers are very familiar with the English language and are always willing to help students make corrections. Learning English is important because it is the most common language spoken worldwide and more people are adopting the language.

Students who are learning to read and write have many resources available. Some resources may include using the dictionary or going online and searching up information. Speaking English is not as easy because of the interesting pronunciation of many words and the way we use our words. The English language is very interesting and unique and with the help of OLS, students can communicate better worldwide.

We emphasize practicing communication daily for students to increase their English speaking and listening ability. OLS will continue to recommend students to take the OPIc test to check their English language abilities. The OPIc is a great resource for determining if you are a proficient English speaker or you need some help. OLS is here to help you succeed and our doors are always open for students willing to learn. Come into OLS today and find out about the OPIc test and how OLS can help you!


Published on June 22, 2017

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