Why OLS Provides the Guarantee Program

Why OLS Provides the Guarantee Program

The Guarantee Program states that if students do not meet the required standard that is set, they will be GUARANTEED 3 months of additional instruction for free ($3,000 total value). It may seem crazy to offer 3 additional months of learning for free, but we believe it is essential for the students to succeed. The reason we offer the guarantee program to students is because we believe that they should learn and improve their English while they are here at OLS.

Nobody offers a Guarantee Program that will give you 3 additional months of learning except OLS. We believe that you should be successful in learning English and OLS sets our standards high so our students succeed. Students come to America to learn English but they also come for the awesome experience. It is important for students to have fun and learn the American culture while they are here. We provide the Guarantee Program because students come to OLS to learn or improve their English and we want them to achieve their goal. It is our job to go the extra mile and the Guarantee Program is a good example of our willingness to help the students.

Our Guarantee Program is unique because OLS is the ONLY language school that offers this deal to their students. We know how important it is for students to come to America and learn English, but we also know that students want to have fun and learn the culture. Students usually have a goal when they come to OLS and we will do our best to help you meet your goal. The teamwork between OLS and our students will lead to great success for students trying to learn or improve their English. Come into OLS today and learn more about our Guarantee Program!


Published on June 27, 2017

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