Why We Emphasize Student to Teacher Ratio

Why We Emphasize Student to Teacher Ratio

International students come to OLS to improve their English and it is important to have small group ratios for them to speak and communicate with their teacher. Students learn by asking the teachers questions. Another way students learn is by making mistakes and the teacher corrects their mistake. Small classroom ratios allow the students to engage in conversation and communicate with their teacher and classmates.

Our class sizes range from 4-8 students which allows for the students to have more interactions with the teacher. A classroom with 10-15 students is too many students for one teacher to speak with and correct all their mistakes. We want our teachers to have direct interactions with their students and talk with them daily. A class size between 4-8 students is a better learning environment for the students and it allows them to have constant communication with their teacher.

A great learning method we have implemented is to have students from different nationalities in each class so students are forced to speak English. This method allows us to recognize common mistakes made and find out where each student struggles. The small class ratios allow us to recognize the common mistakes in different international students. Come into OLS and check out our student to teacher ratios!


Published on July 7, 2017

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