Culture Week

Culture Week
Students come to OLS to learn English in Orange County, California and along with learning English they get to learn American culture. Learning American culture is important to students who are not originally from The United States because it gives them a chance to view our fun culture and experience America.

OLS provides a culture week for our students because we want them to see many different things while they are here. During culture week our students will go to many locations (i.e. restaurants, the local shopping center, OC Fair) with our native speaking teachers. The students will get to see and experience how English native speakers interact with each other and converse. Culture week is great for students because they learn how to order food at restaurants, how to buy clothes from a store, and how to connect with individuals at the local fair.

Many students want to learn English but the only time they have interactions with people who speak English is when they come to OLS. Too often students will come to class and learn a little about American culture but then they go home and continue their culture from their home country. We know it is difficult for students to go out and experience some of the American culture on their own so that is why we visit several local hot spots during culture week. The main reason we provide culture week is to give students the chance to see authentic American conversations! Come into OLS and find out more about our amazing culture week!


Published on July 21, 2017

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