We Film Chinglish, Janglish, and Konglish

We Film Chinglish, Janglish, and Konglish
Many students come to America and want to learn the English language. Usually when a student does not know a word or phrase they will translate it from their language. Sometimes when students translate words from their language to English, it does not translate directly into how Americans use the word. Every week we film a short video to describe a word or phrase that an international student may misunderstand. Our native teachers will create a video to inform everyone watching when the correct situation to use English words or phrases.

Chinglish is the combination of Chinese and English. Janglish is the combination of Japanese and English. Konglish is the combination of Korean and English. All of these languages have different interpretations and translations of words that we will clarify for you through our amazing videos.

We point out the common mistakes people make and the proper way to fix them. All of our videos are posted on Youtube for everyone to see and enjoy. Our goal is to educate people of the English language and to help them understand the misconceptions of common phrases used in the English language.

Our videos are filmed here in America and show how Americans speak English. For example we will record a video with all of the school supplies here in America so students know what to call the equipment they are using. Please click https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hlr236m9LCA&list=PLSnP1yo-p6HCwO0Msn31ODyNBSCoPi1Jc&index=11 to see the video. Another example is the “slippery when wet” sign may be translated different in another language and we will clarify what it means in English. Please go to Youtube and search “Optimus Language School” to view our fun and educational videos!


Published on July 28, 2017

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