Professional Development Grammar Lessons

Professional Development Grammar Lessons

Students who come to OLS from other countries usually have lots of questions about grammar, verb phrases, idioms, etc. When they ask questions such as what is a past, present, or perfect participle, average Americans will have a hard time explaining what it is. OLS trains our native speaking English teachers to know and understand the most complex parts of the English language through the professional development so that they can answer to any questions from F-1 international students.

When a student asks us why we use a word in a certain area, we cannot just say, “that is how we speak”. We need to provide them with a reason why our language uses the word and make sure they understand. The professional development creates many opportunities to engage OLS teachers and allow them to apply their new skills and knowledge. OLS teachers build upon the foundation of the skills and knowledge the students already know and we encourage them to keep practicing in class with teacher’s feedback so that they can master the correct usage of English.

One of the best ways to improve English is to practice speaking English. Many F-1 international students choose OLS over other language schools because they like to interact with native English speaking teachers, practice speaking in class, and get the immediate feedback from the teachers. That way, students know what mistakes they made, how to speak correctly, and eventually master the right way of speaking.

OLS pride itself with offering small group ratio (8:1 or 4:1) with native speaking English teachers who have thorough knowledge of English language with experience. Our teachers are always correcting students’ mistakes and showing them the correct way to spell, speak, and write. Our students are always so thankful for the help they receive because they can tell their teachers really care about their progress. At OLS our teachers are always trying to help the student improve their English and our students are always striving to get better. Come into OLS today and see how we teach using the Professional Development Grammar Lessons!


Published on August 9, 2017

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