We Emphasize Teachers Immediate Feedback

We Emphasize Teachers Immediate Feedback
Our students at OLS love when they get feedback because it helps them understand their mistakes and how to fix them. All of our classroom ratios average between 5-6 students per class. With the small ratios in our classrooms it allows teachers to hear all of the students and give them feedback immediately.

Students are encouraged to talk during class and ask a lot of questions. The more the students are talking the more we can see their mistakes and correct their speech. While students are speaking, all of the other students are listening to them and learning from the corrections that are being made. When corrections are made it is important for the students to practice what they have learned so they can utilize it in a public setting. Our students always have the freedom to ask questions because it will help them and all of the other students learn.

Conversation in the classroom is important to the students learning because it engages them with other students and the teacher. With the small classroom ratios every student in the classroom is heard and they will be given direct feedback to help them learn English. Our immediate feedback has helped many students increase their ability to speak English and it also lets the students know that we are really trying to help them. Come into OLS today and join one of our fun ESL classes!


Published on August 15, 2017

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