OLS is Different From College ESL and Other Language Schools

OLS is Different From College ESL and Other Language Schools
Many other Language Schools and even college ESL classes contain between 15-30 students per class. With class sizes so big how can students learn and practice what they are learning? OLS class ratios average between 5-6 students per class so that our students can participate and practice what they are learning in front of our teachers. When the students are practicing speaking English in class, the teachers can stop and correct their mistakes and let them practice some more.

We know that students want to improve their listening and speaking skills. Students want to be able to speak and communicate with others while using the English language. That is why we encourage our students to try and speak as much English as possible while they are in class and at home. Students make mistakes in class all the time but our teachers are there to catch the mistake and correct them. In other ESL classes students will sit quietly and not engage in conversation, that is not what they want. The more talking our students do, the more we will correct them and the more they will get better.


Published on August 17, 2017

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