Ratios range from 4:1 or 8:1

Ratios range from 4:1 or 8:1

OLS classes consist of low student to teacher ratios so our students can improve their English. Ratios can range from 4 students to 1 teacher or 8 students to 1 teacher. Our small ratios will help contribute to students coming to class and practicing their English in front of a native speaking English teacher.

With small ratios in each of our classrooms, students can directly interact with the teacher and get immediate feedback. Students want to listen and speak English proficiently and by having small ratios in the classroom our students are always practicing their speaking skills in class. Teachers encourage students to ask questions and engage in conversation throughout class so they can practice speaking but also so they can make mistakes and receive helpful corrections from the native speaking English teachers.

In some situations the only time students practice speaking English is when they come to OLS. We encourage students to practice speaking English outside of the classroom so they can practice as much as possible. However, that does not always happen. When students come to class we have low ratios so the students can speak and converse as much as possible. We do go over a curriculum throughout class but the students know when they come to OLS that our small ratios will allow them to directly discuss the curriculum with the teacher. Other ESL schools may have high ratios such as 15 students to 1 teacher. With a ratio at 15:1 it is hard for the teacher to communicate with every student and help them out. Come to OLS today and see our amazing small ratio classes!


Published on August 23, 2017

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