American Culture Week

American Culture Week

Culture Week is a fun and exciting week where students at OLS get to practice their English in real world situations. Students have the opportunity to use English in a public setting such as ordering food, buying clothes, or even making reservations at a hotel. The reason we have chosen these locations is because these are practical locations where students need to know how to communicate using English. Of course the students will have the help of our native speaking English teachers if they are having trouble.

Students who participate in Culture Week get to see and experience how to interact with English speaking Americans. Students will be gaining valuable knowledge throughout the week that will benefit their English by being involved and communicating with people who speak English. It is important for students to have many interactions with people who speak English because it will give them real world experience instead of being in the classroom.

During Culture Week we also have a guest speaker that will enlighten us on a specific job or duty they perform on a daily basis. For example, our guest speakers may include a lawyer, dentist, doctor, or even a real estate agent. Our speakers will not only give them insight on their job, but they may also give the students an idea of what they can study in an American University if they decide to attend one.

OLS provides Culture Week to give students a chance to use their English in a public setting. Culture Week is fun and students always enjoy getting out of the classroom and practicing what they learned in a practical situation. We encourage students to practice speaking English as much as possible and during our Culture Week students will listen to guest speakers and absorb all the information provided. Come into OLS today and learn more about our Culture Week today!


Published on August 24, 2017

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