No Rolling Enrollment!

No Rolling Enrollment!

Many language schools allow rolling enrollment because students like to sign up whenever they want. OLS wants students to learn from the very beginning of the quarter because if they start in the middle of the quarter, they will miss all the previous lectures.

Our classes are designed to follow a curriculum from the very beginning. It will be very difficult for students to learn the information they previously missed. Also, when students enter class in the middle of the quarter, it is not fair to all of the other students who have been there since the start. OLS does not want to accept students just to make money. It will be very hard for them to catch up and it will not be fair to the other students in the class.

 Without our policy of no rolling enrollment many students would join classes in the middle of the semester. Students may ask questions that the class has already gone over and the question will only be benefiting one person compared to the whole class. We advise students who are coming to our school to enter our classes from the very beginning of the quarter to get the full benefit of our classes. Come into OLS today and learn more about our no rolling enrollment policy.


Published on September 21, 2017

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