OLS Teachers

OLS Teachers

Optimus Language School offers a high level of professionalism and ingenuity in the English Language Training arena by having teachers who are exceptionally knowledgeable and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certified. There are plenty of other schools who have ESL teachers that teach without any formal training or certification, but at Optimus Language School, having the TESOL certification is heavily emphasized in our culture. The fact that our faculty members have the TESOL certification will pay great dividends in your education for these reasons:


1- Our teachers are invested in your success


Teachers who are TESOL certified have gone through a 6-11 month process, about 140 hours of coursework, and have spent thousands of dollars to obtain this certification. This substantial commitment to being certified not only impacts the teacher, but ultimately the instruction of the students he or she teaches. The teacher will be equipped with top notch teaching credentials and methods to better serve his or her students. In addition, teachers stay up to date with best practices by attending the annual TESOL conferences.


2 - Our teachers use innovative methods for teaching the English language and culture


Truthfully, most people’s favorite subject is not English and usually the receptivity of the student is contingent on the teacher's ability to engage students. At times, English can bore the students if the teacher follows a textbook for every step of the way. No one wants to sit in a classroom and stare at a text book for hours. That is why our TESOL certified teachers implement creative solutions for learning through using various mainstream media mediums like videos, current event articles, podcasts, and songs. These are real and authentic lesson plans that are meaningful to the students. Most importantly, people take English courses to learn how to speak so the facilitation of small group discussions and interacting with others is the key component that allows our instructional creativity to flourish.


Published on September 26, 2017

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