OLS FREE e-Learning Prep Course

OLS FREE e-Learning Prep Course

As part of our program, we offer all of our students a FREE e-learning Prep Course. This is essentially the pre-work that will set up our students for success upon entering their first day at Optimus Language School. Think about it this way; it is like long distance runners preparing for a big race. When preparing for a race you have to make sure that you have a strategic plan, you have to train almost daily, you have to have the right equipment, and you have to have a healthy diet to supplement that. If you don’t prepare for these things, chances are the race may not turn out the way you had expected, leaving you in pain at the end of the process.


Like preparing for a big race, we offer a 20 day (4 weeks) e-Learning Prep Course to our students so that they will have the chance to be well prepared and to learn effectively come the first day of classes and ultimately the “big race”. The Prep Course will take students through a different lesson containing vocabulary words, verb phrases, and popular American idioms that will make it easier to understand the English that you will be learning in your ESL class. At the end of every week, students will take a quiz on that week’s lesson. On top of that, students with an average score of 90% or higher on their quizzes will receive FREE textbooks for their first quarter with us!


We really want to encourage our students to take advantage of this opportunity that will benefit them on their journey here at Optimus Language School in Orange County, California and we are confident that you will be ready to succeed with this FREE e-learning Prep Course. Like many things in life, it is essential to prepare for what’s to come so that you are in the best position for a trajectory towards success.


“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

― Benjamin Franklin


Published on October 3, 2017

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