DOJ & FBI Background Check

DOJ & FBI Background Check

Live scan fingerprinting is a technique utilized by either law enforcement agencies or private agencies to electronically capture fingerprints and palm prints for the screening and recognition of individuals. Even though live scan fingerprinting is commonly used for criminals, we at Optimus Language School employ this practice as a background check for all of our employees before they are hired. This means that the applicant must get fingerprinted via live scan at a government-approved fingerprinting facility. This check allows us to have access to the applicant’s criminal history which indicates to us whether or not the applicant has clearance from both the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).


One of the most distinguishable factors that set Optimus Language School apart from all the other language school programs is the fact that we have invested a great amount of resources to have clearance from the DOJ and FBI by live scan fingerprinting. Language school programs are not required to make their applicants go through a background check and most programs don’t use this practice because of the hefty amount of time and resources it takes to get it done. This not only speaks to the quality of our teachers, but it also speaks to the quality of instruction and safety for the students here at Optimus.


Overall, Optimus is one of the most trusted and reputable language school programs and our students feel more than safe than ever. At Optimus Language School, we want to give students the best learning environment possible as well as provide for them a safe and friendly atmosphere and we do that by carefully hiring the best and most trustworthy talent.

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Published on December 1, 2017

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