Immigration Lawyers vs. Optimus Lawyers

Immigration Lawyers vs. Optimus Lawyers

When a student is trying to process and submit an application to extend or change their nonimmigrant status (Form I-539), Optimus Language School lawyers can be very helpful to these students by providing them with an empowering and honest experience. One of the biggest differences that separate our lawyers from other immigration lawyers is the fact that our lawyers take great care while working with students whereas the typical immigration lawyer has no incentive to work hard for the student in changing or extending their status since they are paid whether or not there is a successful outcome. Working with students in extending or changing their nonimmigrant status not only allows the careers of Optimus lawyers and the reputation of Optimus Language school to prosper, but it also allows the student to have the confidence and assurance that their future studies are in good hands. This is known as a “win-win” situation because both parties benefit from the student successfully extending or changing their non immigrant status.

Additionally, the process of extending or changing one’s nonimmigrant status can be a very daunting task, leaving a student who does not know much about the process in a very vulnerable state. Knowing this, the typical immigration lawyer will usually take advantage of the student seeking legal help. At times immigration lawyers may use scare tactics to pressure the student into situations where they may be paying for extra services that they don’t even need. This tactic results in more money for the immigration lawyer and reveals that they don’t value the prosperity of the student. Contrary to the typical immigration lawyers, Optimus lawyers take great pride in the value of education and the successes of its student. When choosing our lawyers, one of the prerequisites that we require of our lawyers is that they place a high value on education.

We promise to help our students throughout the whole process of extending or changing their nonimmigrant status. Along with our staff members, Optimus lawyers are people that first and foremost value your education and will fight to help you succeed. For more information, please contact an Optimus Language School representative.


Published on December 18, 2017

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