Why Choose Optimus?

Why Choose Optimus?

In a world that is becoming more globalized every day, fluency in the English language is a valuable skill. As of 2017, there are approximately 1.5 billion English speakers worldwide, making it the most commonly spoken language in the world. Because of the increasing demand for this skill, there are a myriad of language schools and programs for potential students to choose from. Yet, how does one determine the quality of each program? What factors contribute to the best possible learning experience? Although there are many complex reasons for an English learner’s failure or success, they can be narrowed down to two important things: individualization and conversation.

At Optimus Language School, one of the things we are most proud of is that our student to teacher ratio has a cap of 8:1 or 4:1. Most classrooms today have an average of 15 students per teacher, and this is a disadvantage to the students. With that many students, it is difficult for the teacher to get to know them individually. At Optimus, teachers have the time to ascertain students’ individual learning styles, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and how to best relate to them. In this way, each student is getting quality and personalized education. For example, if one student struggles with verb tense and another cannot quite master the difference between formal and casual tones, the teacher will be able to observe this and work with them individually during class. In other language schools, this type of one-on-one training is not possible due to the overwhelming amount of students. The teacher may not even notice these particular weaknesses because there are so many papers and tests to grade that the details of students’ mistakes are overlooked. That is why we are committed to our 8:1/4:1 ratio, so that no student is overlooked and they are all given sufficient time and attention. We believe this ensures the best quality education.

Our small, concentrated classrooms also provide the unique experience of conversation practice. We do not believe that lecture-styled lessons are conducive to becoming fluent in a language. Students do not spend four hours listening to a teacher drone on about commas and apostrophes. Instead, they are given the chance to practice their English throughout the lesson. This facilitates learning because the teacher is able to see their mistakes or misunderstandings in action and correct them on the spot. The small-group conversations provide a safe, relaxed environment for students to practice conversation skills that will be incredibly useful in real world situations and will help them to master the English language. After all, that is why students are coming to a predominantly English-speaking country to learn the language. Immersion and conversation are key to fluency, and students can practice speaking in the presence of a certified teacher who is there to help them along the way. When it comes to quality education, there really is no better option. Choose Optimus Language School today for a learning experience unlike any other. 


Published on December 19, 2017

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