Free E-Learning Prep Course

Free E-Learning Prep Course

You have already paid for your classes and done your part registering and now let us do our part by teaching you before we can properly teach you. You will find our online class at There are 20 total lessons, and though you can go at your own pace based on your schedule, it is best to do one lesson per weekday, because at the end of each week there will be a quiz for you to take. These lessons include vocabulary, phrases and common American idioms. You will feel like an American before you even step foot into the classroom!

Your time and money are valuable, so we want to give you the best quality experience starting from your first day of class. No matter what skill level or experience our students begin with, it is always helpful to have a review and/or introduction before classes begin. Students are able to get into the English language mindset and pick up useful phrases for their ESL classroom experience. Our instruction emphasizes conversation, so we want our students to be as prepared as possible to grow and succeed in English conversation. Students who participate in our online prep course have proven to be more successful in their language skills improvement.

We care so much about our students’ success that we have an extra incentive to prepare for class. Students whose quiz scores average at least 90% receive free textbooks for the first quarter at OLS. Yes, we are going to provide your textbooks if you study hard and master our free online prep course. Where can you find a better deal than that?

The e-learning prep course also prepares students by showing them what questions they might have about the English language. If you take this course before your ESL classes begin, you can show up to the first day of class with a list of questions for your instructor such as, “Teacher, I just don’t understand what it means to ‘add insult to injury,’ could you explain that idiom to me a little further?” You might have questions like this that you did not know you had; the online class will help you know where you need to improve in your English skills.

It’s free, it’s simple, and it is our gift to you. Why not take advantage of this incredible resource before you dive in to fully immerse yourself in learning English? “Fortune favors the prepared mind” is a quote by Louis Pasteur, but a phrase we like to use in America. Perhaps you will even come across it in your prep course! Help us at OLS to help you be successful, and start our 4 week e-learning prep course today.


Published on December 21, 2017

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