What Makes Optimus Unique: A Small Student-Teacher Ratio

What Makes Optimus Unique: A Small Student-Teacher Ratio
One of Optimus’ unique features is its limited class size to eight or four students, whereas most language schools and other universities accept more students and only hire a limited number of teachers, therefore creating larger class sizes.

In most institutions, budget issues prohibit the hiring of additional teachers in order to create additional, smaller classes, which often leads to overcrowded class sizes. When class sizes are exceptionally large, students receive less one-on-one attention from the teacher and conversation time is more limited, as the noise level in the room would otherwise be augmented.

Due to emphasis placed on quiet classes and the common belief that “a good class is a quiet class,” classes with
ten or more students are more likely to be conducted in the style of a traditional lecture, in which students are expected to sit quietly, pay attention, and take notes.

This is commonly practiced in university courses, especially in seminar courses held in large lecture halls. At Optimus Language School, a limited class size of eight
or four students allows more conversation practice and more time for the instructor to assist students. For students who are shy about speaking in front of large groups, a small class size is likely to help them feel more comfortable while practicing conversational skills with both peers and instructor. T

The atmosphere in the classroom did not differ much from that of a group of people seated and conversing at a local coffee shop. Such a relaxed atmosphere helps students get to know one another well, therefore forging close bonding between all students. 


Published on December 27, 2017

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