What Makes Optimus Unique: Guarantee Program

What Makes Optimus Unique: Guarantee Program

In addition to limited class sizes, Optimus Language School offers what is known as a “Guarantee Program.” This holds a spot for all students who pay for one year of ESL classes in advance, so they do not feel that they are wasting their money.

With the price for one year of class comes a free test (otherwise valued at $140) to assess English language proficiency prior to beginning courses at Optimus. This test also serves as a placement exam to verify whether or not students meet the necessary criteria for advancement to the next level.

If students do not score high enough for advancement, they receive additional, free instruction for three more months (the equivalent of one quarter). Along with the above test (which students take free of charge both at the beginning and end of the course), the additional three months of instruction allow students to immediately begin improvement in order to progress through the levels.

Unlike most language programs, this method of consistent instruction allows students to continually study at the school without having to take long breaks, which often leads to students forgetting previously learned material and falling even further behind.

We have noticed such a case in an ESL program at other language schools. The students would take a promotion test each June at the end of a year-long course. Although they had the opportunity to take summer courses (in the scenario that they did not pass to the next level), placement in summer school was not a guarantee, and the following term did not begin until September.

If a student was unable to take summer courses (held during July and August) or practice English sufficiently at home due to family obligations and members regularly speaking the native tongue, he or she would spend two months away from English class and therefore would not remember previously learned material at the beginning of the fall term.

The Guarantee Program at Optimus Language School allows students to be consistently enrolled year-round with shorter breaks and constant opportunities to practice both in and out of the classroom.


Published on January 3, 2018

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