Media Tuesday

Media Tuesday

At OLS, we encourage our students to watch American television, movies, and listen to radio to practice their listening and speaking skills. However, most students don’t, so we decided to implement media Tuesday to solve this problem. Every Tuesday, a student will be chosen to present a podcast, YouTube video, Ted Talk, or article to the class during the last hour of the class day. The student has to present his or her idea to the teacher before they present.

The student will need to include a couple of things in their presentation such as:

Vocabulary they encountered while they watched, read, or listened. They will have to go over the vocabulary words with the class before the video, podcast, song, or article is presented.

Two discussion questions they want to talk about with the class about what they presented.

This is supposed to be a fun activity for students to discuss and learn about American culture so the students can have fun and be creative. If students have any questions or concerns about the presentation, they can notify the teacher before the Tuesday of the presentation. We make sure the material being presented is also an appropriate topic to discuss with the class. Choose Optimus Language School today for a learning experience unlike any other. 


Published on February 28, 2018

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