Portfolio Project/Presentation

Portfolio Project/Presentation

Optimus Language School is one of the best English language schools to help students develop their listening and speaking skills. We have developed a portfolio project that we assign to students in our ESL classes every Friday. The students are assigned this project over the weekend and when they come back to OLS on Monday, they provide the class with a thorough presentation.

What is the Portfolio Project about?
Throughout the week, students have a main theme they go over in class. For example, one class may discuss how to solve a problem in your apartment community. A possible presentation topic that may be given on Monday could be: present a problem within your apartment complex and how you should solve it. This topic will allow students to go home over the weekend and think of a problem within their specific apartment complex.

When students go home and think of a problem, they will have the opportunity to present this problem to the class and get immediate feedback from the teacher. Our class ratios are very small. The maximum number of students in a class is 8 so there are many opportunities to speak.

The portfolio presentations are great for students because it allows them to stand in front of a class and speak to their peers. After students have successfully completed their presentation, they feel more confident in speaking English. One problem many students have is that they are frightened to speak English in front of other people. Once students finally begin speaking, they feel more comfortable speaking and presenting in front of groups. Our native speaking English teachers will give you immediate feedback which will allow you to learn from your mistakes. Come into OLS today and see our students’ portfolio presentation!


Published on March 13, 2018

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