2nd Quarter Culture Week Schedule

2nd Quarter Culture Week Schedule


Students are required to create and present a final project. On Monday, the first day during Culture Week, students will come to class with their final projects and present them to the class. Each class level will have a different topic. The presentations are presented to their class specifically. After they have finished their presentations, all of the students will gather together and play their favorite games. We recommend the students to find and bring a game that they want to play so they can share with the other students.


Tuesday, students will take a field trip to The Outlets of Orange (The Block). Students will walk around with their teachers and go inside stores to buy things. This gives students the opportunity to talk to workers at a store and purchase something in America. After they walk around The Outlets of Orange, the students will walk over to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts which is in the same parking lot and buy a doughnut.


During Culture Week we like to host a guest speaker that will talk about their daily work life and what they have overcame to get there. The guest speaker will describe their job (doctor, lawyer, mechanic..) and how that became their career. While the guest speaker is talking we will take notes and come up with questions for them. After they have finished their speech, students will ask the speaker questions. Following the presentation, students will participate in a potluck. The students bring in a plate of their favorite food to share with others.


On Thursday all of the students will meet at Optimus Language School and jump in one of our Optimus vans and head over to the local movie theatre in Brea. Many students watch movies with subtitles, but this time the students will watch a full movie in English with no subtitles. While at the movies, students will begin to realize that they can watch American movies without subtitles.


Friday is the final day of culture week. All of the classes will join together on this day and go eat at the Lazy Dog restaurant. Students will hangout and converse with each other while eating at a restaurant. Most of the students have never been to this restaurant before. This experience will allow students to practice ordering food on their own in English. This is the final day of the quarter and the students have a lot of fun eating together!

Come into Optimus Language School in Orange County, California and experience our culture week events!


Published on March 23, 2018

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