BEST ESL Program in Orange County, CA

BEST ESL Program in Orange County, CA

Optimus Language School offers a top-notch ESL program for adult students who want to acquire or improve their English skills. Over the period of 12 weeks (each class length), students will learn about American culture, food, customs, and basic every day life, while improving their usage of the English Language. The program itself has 6 levels, beginning with our Basic Level, and students can take classes all the way up through Level 5 (graduate/completion of the program). Students will take placement tests and be placed in the appropriate level in order to achieve success as English speakers.

What separates Optimus Language School from other ESL programs in Orange County? Most ESL schools only run 4-week programs, making it a less personal experience. At Optimus Language School, we offer an extensive 12-week program. There is a Pre-Unit to begin each course, where students get to enjoy speaking to one another, and getting to know their teachers. The last week of class is what separates us from other programs because we have a Culture Week. This occurs in Week 12, after the students take their finals. There is no class instruction during Culture Week because students get to enjoy what they have learned in class. Each day there will be something fun and enjoyable. There may be museum trips, movies, going to places like the mall, supermarket, post office, and ending with a nice trip to Lazy Dog Restaurant in Orange, where students get to order and practice what they have learned in class. Here at Optimus Language School we want our students to not only acquire and improve their English skills, but we want our students to enjoy coming to class each day.


Published on April 14, 2018

A leading English language school accredited by the CEA (Commission on English Language Accreditation) and approved by SEVP (Student and Exchange Visitor Program) located in Los Angeles, California. Learn English in LA with our ESL classes, TOEFL preparation, and English speaking classes. Are you serious about improving your English? Join a class today!