ELS Class Structure

ELS Class Structure

For five days of the week students at Optimus Language School in Orange County, California engage in challenging and practical English language skills. From writing and listening to practicing conversation with peers and instructors, these five days set a foundation for a student’s ability to fluently converse in the real world.

We believe that a five day week of learning is a perfect balance for students because they are able to learn and ask questions in the classroom for four hours on these days, and then take their abilities to the real world over the weekend. From 9AM to 1PM students are engaged with various learning methods, receiving personal instruction, and learning from each other in conversation. These hours in the morning are challenging but exciting as there is opportunity to learn from conversation, writing, listening, and fun activities.

Since many of our students are busy with lives outside of the classroom, we recognize that their time to engage in classroom activities is limited. For this reason, at Optimus students are assigned less homework, but with more intensive class instruction. On Fridays, students are assigned a presentation project to help them practice research, writing, and public speaking. Over the weekend students will research an assigned topic, and present a spoken presentation on Monday to showcase their ability before their peers and improve.

These presentations cover practical topics from how to find better housing options to planning for retirement. With each Monday, students gain confidence in their speaking ability and practice in class with presentations that have kept them focused over the weekend. Sign up with Optimus today to receive an diverse and engaging learning experience and see your English ability improve.


Published on April 27, 2018

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