Top ESL Program

Top ESL Program

At Optimus Language School in Orange County, California, we take pride in our ESL Program. Our students’ success is most important to us, and our teachers’ dedication to running a great program leads to our students improving their English Skills. Optimus Language School offers something that many other programs do not. Our ESL Program offers a 12-week quarter system (for each class taken) because we feel that the 12-week quarter system vs. a 4-week program gives our students a lot more time to work on the skills they want to improve upon. A 12-week class vs. a 4-week class allows our students to form good bonds with their teachers and fellow students. There are a few more benefits to having a quarter system, compared to monthly registration for a 4-week program.

Some more advantages being on a quarter system vs. a 4-week program (monthly registration) is that our teachers have an ample amount of time to learn about their students’ strengths and weaknesses. This allows our teachers to target areas of each individual students’ need to improve their English. A 4-week program usually only has students taking Mid-Term and Final exams, but the 12-week quarter system has our students taking weekly tests, as well as a Mid-Term and Final exam. This helps teachers see the progress that their students are making.

Before our students are placed into a class, they take an assessment test. After the test is scored, we place each student in the appropriate level (from our Basic Level/Beginning, all the way up to Level 5/completion of the ESL program). We feel the assessment test gives our students the best possibility to achieve success in their pursuit of bettering their English Skills. We feel that our students benefit more from a 12-week class, and the benefits that were previously stated, sets Optimus Language School apart from other Language Schools that only offer 4-week programs. There is one more thing that also puts us above other Language Schools: Culture Week.

Our ESL program has a special week to celebrate our students’ achievements. Culture week is the 12th and last week of the quarter. There are no tests or classwork during Culture Week, so students get to have a relaxing ending to their class. Depending on the level each student is taking, there may be trips to the following places: a local supermarket, the Brea Mall, a museum (Nixon Library), possibly watching a movie, and a trip to a very good restaurant. This allows our students to use the skills they have learned throughout the quarter (ordering at a restaurant, asking questions to a supermarket clerk, seeing some American History, and maybe even doing some shopping at the Brea Mall). Culture Week is designed for the students to experience what they’ve learned in class and to have an enjoyable time.

We hope that by choosing Optimus Language School for your ESL classes, you will see that our program is top notch. 12-week courses, placed in the appropriate level to guarantee your success of improving your English Language Skills, getting to know your classmates, having experienced teachers as great resources, and being able to enjoy some American Culture, sets us apart from all the other Language Schools. We hope to see you at Optimus Language School!


Published on May 21, 2018

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