Why Optimus Language School in Orange County, California?

Why Optimus Language School in Orange County, California?

If Optimus had to be defined in a single sentence one could say it is a place where education, life skills, and personal character are developed and furthered.  All of our staff, whether or not they are teachers, are committed to helping students achieve these ends. 


Here at Optimus Language School in Orange County, California, classes are divided into 5 levels.  A prospective student takes an exam before they enroll in order to determine which level is appropriate to their competence in English.  The classes are very effective and students quickly move up through the levels until they are speaking fluently.  Furthermore, much of the material in the textbooks has to do with things like paying rent, understanding warranties, paying taxes, and other things that are important for someone who is new to America, as many who are learning ESL are, to know in order to successfully navigate a new society.


The classes are not only effective, but also enjoyable and fun. We have a curriculum with certain fundamental aspects (important vocabulary words, grammar, etc.) that all classes work through, but our teachers have the freedom to alter the non-essential aspects of the class to fit the needs and interests of their particular students. For example, at the end of every week the teachers assign the students a writing and speaking project to present to the rest of the class on Monday. Teachers can use the topic suggestions in the textbook or they can choose another topic they feel is more interesting and effective. Past topics have included: favorite hobby, favorite food, most loved thing about native country, and more.


In addition, at the end of every semester we have Culture Week.  Culture Week is the final week of the semester and is devoted to the students and teachers learning about each other's cultures. During Culture Week, we do things like see a movie, visit a museum, have a potluck where everybody brings their favorite food from their native culture, and other activities.  Culture Week is always fun and provides something for everybody to look forward to at the end of the semester.


Published on May 26, 2018

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