Why We Don’t Make Conditional Agreements With Colleges

Why We Don’t Make Conditional Agreements With Colleges

Many language schools in the U.S. make conditional agreements with certain colleges. The agreement is that a student will be accepted to a certain university after completing an English program at a language school, assuming that their level of English was the only reason they wouldn’t be accepted to that university.


Certain universities use conditional admission to increase enrollment, and in particular, international student enrollment which then brings in more money from tuition. However, more prestigious schools don’t use conditional admission. Because of the competitive nature of those schools, they don’t need another way to increase international student enrollment. Instead, an international student has to score well on the TOEFL if they want to go to one of these.


At Optimus Language School, we encourage our students to dream big and shoot for more competitive colleges. By the time students finish Level 5 of our program, they are equipped to do well on the TOEFL and can use that score when applying to colleges. We specifically don’t make conditional agreements with universities because we don’t want to set our students sights lower or push them to go to one college when there’s a better one they can apply for.


We want our students to be the best they can be.


Published on June 22, 2018

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