Why Optimus Chooses Not to Participate in Conditional Acceptance Programs

Why Optimus Chooses Not to Participate in Conditional Acceptance Programs

Conditional acceptance partnerships are becoming increasingly popular in many language schools to ensure students who graduate from their programs are accepted into certain colleges without having to prove their English proficiency with a good score on the TOEFL. While this may sound appealing to students, Optimus sees these kinds of programs as a crutch that can give students a false idea of their preparedness for college-level classes in English. 

We believe that taking the TOEFL is an important and very informative step in your language learning experience because it gives you a clear picture of where you stand in relation to other students who are also on the path to college. Your score on the TOEFL is a good indicator of the success you will have in college-level classes. We also want you to have the freedom to choose any college you want to attend, as opposed to only feeling confident about attending whichever specific colleges your language school has partnered with for conditional acceptance. 

At Optimus, we expect our students to be committed to their language learning experience, and we want you to be able to earn your spot at the college of your choosing. To help you do this, we offer a TOEFL curriculum that builds upon the skills students learn in our ESL classes. Our TOEFL class will teach you different strategies to help you do well on this kind of test, and it will also help you to improve your academic vocabulary and reading and writing skills, which will enable you to listen to and speak about academic topics, as well. With commitment and practice, you will see your hard work and true academic language skills reflected in your TOEFL score. 

We want you to feel confident in your English proficiency and communication skills as you enter the college of your choice, so we make sure you can earn your spot rather than relying on a conditional acceptance program.


Published on July 2, 2018

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