Why We Use a Quarterly System

Why We Use a Quarterly System

Many language schools use a monthly class system and allow rolling enrollment. At Optimus Language School we use a quarterly system and require students to enroll at the beginning of a quarter. Here’s why. 

First, having 12-week classes allows our teachers to get to know our students more. This gives them an opportunity to get to know each student’s strengths and weaknesses and help them grow in those areas. In contrast, this is a lot harder to do with a monthly class system where the students may only have an instructor for four weeks before moving on to the next one. 

Second, we believe that allowing students to enroll in the middle of a quarter is unfair to the students already taking the class. The student will have missed the previous lectures, and as such, the instructor would need to use class time to review concepts the other students already know. Alternatively, if the instructor chooses not to review the material, then the student who enrolled mid-quarter misses out. 

We avoid all of this by asking our students to enroll at the beginning of a quarter.


Published on July 6, 2018

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