What Kind of Students We’re Looking For

What Kind of Students We’re Looking For

At Optimus, we not only expect a lot from our teachers, we also expect a lot from our students. As such, there are certainly qualities we’re looking for in potential students that will make them a better fit for the program we offer.


We expect our students to take learning English seriously. We are not looking for students who disrupt class on a regular basis. We are not looking for students who want to just coast through without doing any work. We want students who are here because they want to learn. Sometimes students enroll in a language program solely to keep their F-1 visa status but don’t actually want to learn more. These students also are not a good fit for our program. We expect our students to maintain high grades and attend class regularly. If they do not, they will be asked to leave the program.


We expect a lot from our students, but we also offer a lot. Our Guarantee Program holds a spot for any student who pays for a year’s worth of classes in advance. Our small group ratio means that our students receive more personalized instruction from their teacher and more opportunities to practice speaking during class. Additionally, our students are able to access our E-Learning materials for free which will help them improve their reading comprehension skills. These are just a few of the services we offer to the students who enroll with us.


Published on July 26, 2018

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