Why We Created Our MyOLS System

Why We Created Our MyOLS System

When American English Language School opened in 2008, we quickly identified the need for a system that would allow our teachers to keep track of each student’s academic progress. We also wanted teachers to be able to communicate with students and develop a more individualized education for each student. We diligently began working on what has become one of the comprehensive grading and feedback systems in this industry. Part of why our system works so well is because of our low student-to-teacher ratio. With only 4-8 students in each class, the teacher has time to give personalized feedback, and with our online MyAELS system, they have the means by which to do that. 

So, what does this all mean for students? It means you get daily feedback on how you are doing in class and how your English skills are progressing. Not only will you see a record of how often you are participating in class (which has a direct impact on the speed and effectiveness of your learning), but you will also see scores for each individual assignment and test you have completed. Teachers write comments as needed to explain scores and to give students praise for successes as well as suggestions for improvement. As you move from quarter to quarter, you will be able to view your transcripts to see your grades for each level and the progress you have proudly made. 

Besides being incredibly helpful for students, this information can also be used as proof of your student status and academic performance in our program. Employers, sponsors, and sometimes even insurance agencies may ask for this proof from time to time for verification purposes. MyAELS is also a great source of information about the program. All of the documents needed for class (such as the class syllabus and the goals and objectives of each class) are accessible through this system. Students can also view their placement test results for reference. 

We are very proud of the MyAELS system and know that you will love all of the information and feedback that you will have access to through this system. As soon as you register, you will be given sign-in information and can begin exploring this awesome resource!


Published on August 8, 2018

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