The Negative Effects of Rolling Enrollment

The Negative Effects of Rolling Enrollment

Many language schools have rolling enrollment, meaning that you can begin taking class at any point. American English Language School in Orange County, California, on the other hand, sets itself apart by not allowing students to enter a class after the start of a quarter. We created this policy because we believe it benefits ALL students, those already enrolled and those who wish to enroll. 

The first few days of a new class is always a period of getting to know each other. The teacher needs to become familiar with students, and students need to become familiar with each other in order to have open communication and speaking practice in class. The first week finishes with students beginning to work on some of the base concepts you will need over the next 12 weeks of the course. You can understand how missing even just this first week of class can put you behind and cause you to struggle with both the material and the expectation of frequent conversation in class. 

Imagine also how this can affect students who were there from the first day of class and have already completed these introductory activities. In order to get one new student caught up, up to 7 others will need to repeat information they have already learned. This can be extremely tiresome and cause unnecessary delays in learning new material. 

Teachers suffer from rolling enrollment, too. The teacher always feels a certain amount of responsibility for “filling in the gaps,” or re-teaching skills and concepts to the new student so he or she won’t fall further behind or feel left out. For all of these reasons, American English Language School does not allow rolling enrollment.


Published on August 10, 2018

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