How FREE e-Learning Helps You Prepare for Our Program

How FREE e-Learning Helps You Prepare for Our Program

We recognize both the financial commitment and the time commitment you are making when you register to study English as a second language here at Optimus. We respect that you’ve decided to make English a priority in your life. With Optimus Language School, your English language education begins even before you step through our door for your first class. This is possible because of our FREE e-Learning course that is made available to all of our new international students before they come to the U.S. to study. 

This 20-day (4 weeks) online learning course provides students with exposure to, and practice with, some common terms, verb phrases, and idioms they can expect to hear and use in America. Each day will be a new lesson, and Fridays will include a quiz on what you’ve learned that week. The course finishes with a comprehensive quiz covering material from all 4 weeks. You will become accustomed to some common sentence structures as you read through examples of each of these terms and phrases being used in sentences. 

This will set you up for success in your classes with us as you become more focused and serious about learning the language, and you may even be able to begin studying in a higher level class after taking the e-Learning class (based on your score on our placement test)! To give you an extra incentive to make this preparation a priority, we offer FREE textbooks for the first quarter to anyone with an average score of 90% or higher on their e-Learning quizzes!


Published on August 14, 2018

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