So Confident in Our Program that We Guarantee It!

So Confident in Our Program that We Guarantee It!

Many schools are more concerned with the money you bring in rather than the education you leave with, which is why they would never consider offering a guarantee. That is NOT our concern here at Optimus. Our primary concern is your success in reaching your language learning goals. We know you have so many options to choose from when deciding on a language school to attend. But, we believe that our best way of saying thank you for choosing Optimus Language School is to exceed your expectations and make sure you get the most out of this experience. To do that, we believe both you and Optimus need to be held accountable for your education goals. 

We have spent many years fine-tuning our ESL program here at Optimus, and we’ve made sure to hire high-quality English teachers to help you towards meaningful progress in your English skill development. Now, we want you to have the same kind of confidence in our program that we have, which is why we created our Guarantee Program. 

All you have to do is commit to one year (4 quarters) of instruction and pay in advance to secure your spot. This one-year commitment shows us that you are serious about your language learning goals because no-breaks means maximum progress. To make that progress clear, you will take the Oral Proficiency Interview—computer (OPIc) once at the beginning of your studies and once at the end of the year for FREE ($140 value). If sufficient progress has not been made since your first interview, you will receive one additional quarter of instruction for FREE. That’s how confident we are that our program is exactly what you need to reach your English goals. 

We hope that you will share in our confidence knowing that your year-long investment is guaranteeing your success at Optimus!


Published on August 16, 2018

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