Conditional Acceptance Leads to Lower Proficiency

Conditional Acceptance Leads to Lower Proficiency

Many programs attempt to form partnerships with colleges that will allow their program graduates automatic acceptance into those colleges without a minimum TOEFL score requirement. However, AELS really wants to encourage students to strive for more in their language education. 

We created our program to have higher expectations for students at each level so that they finish with a higher proficiency level than they might in other programs that allow students to move through the levels with much lower expectations. This causes a false sense of proficiency and makes students scared to take the TOEFL. Although it is true that the TOEFL takes some special preparation beyond what our ESL program can provide, graduates of our program will already be well on their way towards that goal and will have a very strong language foundation. 

We are currently working on creating a TOEFL class to follow our ESL program and get students fully prepared to take the TOEFL and meet the minimum score requirement for many colleges in the area. While conditional acceptance programs do allow students to relax a bit, it also means they will not push themselves as hard and that their college choices will be very limited. 

With American English Language School, instead of focusing on conditional acceptance, we will prepare you for the TOEFL so that you can surpass your language goals and have the opportunity to attend a wider variety of colleges based on your career goals.


Published on August 27, 2018

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