Achieving English Language Success at American English Language School

Achieving English Language Success at American English Language School

American English Language School provides our students with an exceptional language program, which gives you the best possible opportunity to achieve success in your pursuit of English Language proficiency. We are so confident in our language program and you reaching your goal of successfully acquiring English Language skills that AELS will offer one FREE quarter of instruction if you have not met the language proficiency standards after one year of taking ESL courses at AELS. Not only does this guarantee show our students how much we care about their success, it is also something that no other schools around can offer their students.

At AELS, we understand that learning a new language can be a bit overwhelming at times. We always want to provide our students with the best possible ways to successfully acquire English Language proficiency. One service we offer our students is a FREE e-learning course, which is geared to guide you as you enter int0 the challenging ESL program.

Many students become overly concerned with their grades, rather than focusing on the actual progress they are making in the program. For this reason, AELS provides our students with a daily progress report, which is a convenient way to view the current status of your grade, and will also provide you with the ability to see your teacher’s comments. The daily progress report can help guide you to become a more successful student because it will show you the areas you are doing well in, and you can be aware of the areas you may be struggling with, which will help you try to improve upon those skills.

AELS believes that to have a quality ESL program, it begins with the teachers. This is why all of our teachers here have their backgrounds checked, and all teachers are fingerprinted (through Live Scan) before being hired in order to ensure our students with the best quality education.

Many programs usually want to pack their classes with 15-20 students at a time, but Optimus believe in a smaller student to teacher ratio in order for each student to become successful in their pursuit of acquiring the English language. Our classes will have a maximum of 8 students, and some of our classes only have 4 students. Smaller classes more often than not, provide a more positive learning environment for students.

American English Language School has always held the belief that in order to provide students with the best possible chance to become proficient in English, there should be something more for our students than just a one month class. We offer a quarter system (12 weeks) which provides our students the opportunity to have a better connection with their teacher and classmates. The length of each class attended at AELS gives students a chance to bond with their teacher and fellow classmates, leads to more conversations in class, and also gives students the ability to work with each other to improve their English skills.

Another benefit of attending AELS is the tuition cost, which is much lower than a University ESL Program. Many prospective students are looking to attend a school that costs very little, but the downfall with that is the school is not usually offering a quality education. Some ESL programs charge too much in order to make money, which usually doesn’t show much interest in the students’ success. At Optimus Language School, we provide our students with exceptional teachers, and a program that promotes success in learning the English language. We always have our students’ goals in mind, not financial gain.

Another thing that sets AELS apart from other programs is we don’t allow rolling enrollment. Rolling enrollment is when students come into the class a few weeks after it has started. The problem with this is those students miss a lot of lessons and activities that have been completed in the classroom. Teachers do not have time to re-teach lessons that have already been taught to students who start late because it’s not fair to the students who have been attending class since day one. Another reason that AELS does not allow rolling enrollment is that we don’t want students starting late because starting together means that everyone in class will most likely be comfortable with each other. If we allowed rolling enrollment, with students beginning in Week 3 or Week 4, they may not be comfortable speaking to people they don’t know well. We believe in all of our students starting and ending their courses together at the same time.

Many language programs have conditional acceptance agreements that allow their students to gain direct acceptance into a college after they complete the language school’s ESL program. Many students look for these types of an agreement because they worry about the TOEFL score requirements of the colleges they want to attend. Students who look for programs that have the conditional acceptance agreements usually set goals that won’t help them fully understand the English Language, and they may be unprepared for a rigorous University or college ESL program. AELS focuses on preparing our students to succeed in getting the TOEFL scores they need instead of pursuing a conditional acceptance.


Published on September 19, 2018

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