Why We Don't Offer Night School

Why We Don

Through the years, we have received many inquiries as to why we don't offer night classes here at American English Language School. The reasons are simple but not always obvious to students. These students often get sucked into what seems like a great deal: hugely discounted classes offered in the evening hours, which leaves you time to accomplish other tasks during the day. However, the reality is that you truly are getting what you pay for in this case.

Imagine that you sign up for night class at another school. You show up for the first night of class to find that you have been packed in with 20-30 other students in the classroom, perhaps even up to 40 others. Maybe you let it go because you are excited to learn English and you plan to make many opportunities for yourself to practice, even if the class is so big that you don't always get a chance to try speaking. As the weeks go on, fewer and fewer people show up to class because although they have good intentions of going to class each night, other things come up during the day that take all of their energy or throw off their schedules, causing them to be late or absent altogether. This means you are now losing some of the partners that you were getting speaking practice with before. The teacher often seems very tired during class because he or she likely has another job during the day and is already tired by the time the night class begins. This starts to affect the quality of language education you are receiving.

None of this sounds like the great deal you thought you were getting. In fact, it is starting to sound more like a burden and a waste of your time. However, although these realities are part of the reason AELS has chosen not to offer night classes, they are not the main driving factor in our decision. Instead, our main motivation for only offering daytime classes comes from the fact that F-1 students are here to do one thing: study English. Those who choose night classes are choosing to distract themselves with other priorities during the day and pushing off their main priority of studying to night time, when they are already tired and their brains are no longer function at full capacity. It is understandable for students to want to visit some of the local points of attraction, such as the beach, popular shopping malls, or amusement parks. However, if we begin offering night classes and allow your academic pursuits to become secondary to your cultural and entertainment pursuits, you will have lost your focus and are not likely to achieve your language goals with us. This is not an outcome ALES is willing to accept. Therefore, we do not offer night school here because we want to provide the highest quality education we can, and we will make sure you stay focused on improving your English!


Published on September 28, 2018

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