TOEFL Guarantee Program

TOEFL Guarantee Program

At American English Language School, we know that our students need the best education and experience from their English class to make sure to meet their short-term and long-term goals. Our student’s English education is vital for getting into an American university and having a prosperous life in and outside of the United States. The people of AELS wanted to show our students that we are aware of this fact and want our students to be confident that they are getting the education that they need and deserve to grow and accomplish their goals. Therefore, we created the TOEFL Guarantee Program to allow our students get the exact tools they need for their future. 

The TOEFL Guarantee promises that if a student does not get a total TOEFL score of at least an 80, they will get to retake our TOEFL class, free of charge. If students enroll in this program and are international students, they must complete our ESL courses by finishing Level 5. In order for our students to get the proper placement and the best and quality education, we ask that our students take a placement test after their enrollment in the program. The results of the placement test will determine which level you will start in for our ESL courses. After you have completed up to Level 5, you will move on to our TOEFL class. Our TOEFL class allows our students to use their educational skills that they learned in our ESL program and apply them to sample questions from the TOEFL test. If you are a transfer student and wanting to only take our TOEFL class, you must take our placement test and earn an average score of 250 or more on our reading and listening test and an 80% on our speaking test. If you score less than 250, you will have to enroll in the level you tested in and complete our ESL program before enrolling in the TOEFL class. 

In order to eligible in our TOEFL Guarantee program you have to be enrolled as an ESL student at our school. If you are an international student or a transfer student that did not test out of our ESL program, you must take all our ESL classes consecutively, which means no breaks between quarters. This assures us at AELS and our students that the lessons they learn here will be fresh in their minds and able to be useful on the TOEFL test. You must also get a passing grade in each of your ESL courses and you may not repeat any courses during the 4 quarters. During your studies at AELS, you can only miss five classes a quarter to ensure the best and consistent education for you. Once you are done with our TOEFL class, you must receive a total score of 80% or higher to be eligible as well. 

At AELS, we want our students to feel as confident as we do in our quality education and fantastic teachers. This guarantee is a great opportunity for students that want to go far in their studies and future goals. Come to Optimus today and sign up for our TOEFL Guarantee program; we look forward to meeting you!


Published on November 13, 2018

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