Daily Progress Report

Daily Progress Report

At American English Language School, we believe that our students deserve the most quality education and our mission is to provide it. We also understand that it is important for our students to know how they are doing in class at all times. At other schools, sometimes teachers don’t know or don’t allow you to know your grade until the midterm or end of the quarter. However, at AELS, we have many tools that allow our students to know their grades all the time.

Using their login for our school website, students can check their daily comments to see how they are doing in their classes, everyday. Teachers will post attendance and participation for every class day, so students can check how they are doing in class and whether they are doing enough to achieve their highest grade in participation. Teachers will also post individualized comments if a student is struggling in their class. Their comments will also state how the student can improve or how they are improving. At AELS, we believe that feedback is extremely important for our students to feel confident in their learning.

Also using their login, students can check their grades on assignments and tests. Teachers will post grades for every test and assignment done in class on their Friday comment. For our ESL program, we have a listening assignment, writing assignment, activity project, and unit test for every week of study. All of those grades will be posted on Friday so that students can check how they are doing. Our teachers will also post an individualized comment if a student gets a low grade on an assignment. These comments will let students know how they can improve for next time.

Teachers at American English Language School want our students to learn English with all the tools that we can provide. We give our students not only help in the classroom, but we also make sure that students know how and when they can improve at any moment of the quarter. We believe that students should know their strengths and weakness in order to receive the best help and education and we do that at AELS. Come to AELS today and receive the best English education!


Published on November 27, 2018

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