Weekly Portfolio Project

Weekly Portfolio Project

In American English Language School’s ESL program, we want our students to converse like a native speaker and we have a variety of ways that help our students accomplish that. Our students are enrolled in classes with a small group ratio so they have lots of opportunity to speak with a native English teacher and their classmates. We also have a chance for students to practice speaking with our weekly portfolio project that is assigned every week. These projects vary from week to week depending on the subject the class went over. 

The students at AELS will get weekly assignments that will be put in their student portfolio. These portfolios have assignments that are based on the lessons they learned in class each week. During their weekly units, they will have a listening activity that includes situations and vocabulary they went over in class. While they listen, they must fill in the blanks to the dialogue they have printed for them. Along with this activity, students also will do a writing activity every week that allows them to apply the grammar and vocabulary they learned in the unit. The last activity students will be assigned is the activity project where students are asked to use the vocabulary and topics they learned in their weekly unit in a presentation they will present to their class. The project will be assigned on Fridays and due on Mondays. 

The activity project is important to our program because it lets the teacher know if the student truly understands the material and vocabulary they are learning in class. The students will do this project over the weekend because it gives them time to brainstorm their ideas, research for more information they can present, and use a printer. The students are required to use their own words in the presentation which helps the teacher determine if they truly understood what they learned. The students will present their projects on Monday morning to their class which will help them become comfortable speaking English in a formal setting in front of their peers. This also allows them to gain more individualized and positive feedback from their teachers. These projects are worth 30% of their grade because AELS believes that this project is vital and instrumental to their learning success. 


Published on December 26, 2018

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