Free E-Learning Prep Courses

Free E-Learning Prep Courses

At American English Language School, we know that our students want to know as many common words, phrases, and idioms as they possibly can. We also know that these words, phrases, and idioms are hard to learn outside of the classroom and are sometimes required in every day conversation for an ESL class. These are the reasons why we offer our students a four-week online prep course that is absolutely free. We encourage our students to take the prep course before they come to American English Language School for our ESL program. This is especially great for our international students because they can learn some common words, phrases, and idioms before they come to study in the United States.

 Our e-learning prep course contains a total of twenty lessons with twenty words in each lesson. Over the course of the online class, a student will learn a total of four hundred words! After every five lessons, the students will also be tested on their knowledge of the words they learned. At the end of the twenty lessons, students will also take a cumulative test on the words. Students can take lessons and quizzes as many times as they want to the get the best scores and practice. All lessons display the vocabulary words with the definition and in different sentences so that the students will get the clearest idea of what the word means and how to use it. We also introduce common idioms and phrases for our students to get used to conversation with native speakers.

The course is not only helpful and beneficial for our students; it is also extremely easy to use. All a student needs to do is go on our e-learning website and sign in with their AELS account. They then can access our library and click on the first lesson to get started. We want our students to take this course so much that we offer our students free textbooks for their first quarter if they get an average score of 90% on all the quizzes of the course. Other language schools want their students to just learn through lecture and homework, but at American English Language School we want our students to be better prepared for what lies ahead and to give them extra help. Come enroll in American English Language School today and try our e-learning prep course.


Published on May 3, 2019

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