Why American English Language School in Orange County?

Why American English Language School in Orange County?
American English Language School (AELS) strives to achieve the highest quality of education. To make this happen, we provide services such as our guarantee program, a small class ratio never exceeding eight (8) students, student progress checks, weekly portfolio project, and thorough Teacher Evaluations.  AELS also tailors classes toward specific situations and topics, giving you the confidence to speak English in your everyday life.

American English Language School's mission is to provide the highest quality English-language learning experience for students who want either conversational or academic proficiency in order to live, work, or study in an English-speaking environment. By maintaining a low student/instructor ratio and a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on life skill development and cultural immersion, we ensure that the AELS experience is uniquely rewarding for our students.

AELS's guarantee program is in place because we know how hard it is to dedicate all your time to focus on your English studies. The guarantee program encourages you to commit to one (1) year to change your language proficiency. If you are willing to commit yourself to 4 quarters of consecutive study (finishing all five (5) classes), we guarantee a TOEFL score of 80, a TOEIC score of 700, or an OPIC score of Advanced Low (AL)! If you don't achieve these scores on your tests, you will be allowed to take one (1) quarter free (TOEFL or TOEIC class depending on the test you chose).


Published on July 9, 2019

A leading English language school accredited by the CEA (Commission on English Language Accreditation) and approved by SEVP (Student and Exchange Visitor Program) located in Los Angeles, California. Learn English in LA with our ESL classes, TOEFL preparation, and English speaking classes. Are you serious about improving your English? Join a class today!